Chiropractors Home Service | Melbourne

Dr Paul Chamberlain, our chirochild chiropractor, can consult at your home. We offer this service to all families, and it may be particularly suitable for families who have just returned home from hospital. Or for families who have just had a home birth, and do not feel like leaving home for an appointment. It may be suitable for parents of multiple births (twins, triplets, etc), for whom the car trip to a chiropractic clinic is overwhelming.

We discuss the pregnancy, delivery, sleeping and feeding history, and perform a thorough neuro-musculo-skeletal assessment of your child. 

Our chiropractors will also be able to assess the sleeping environment (bed/cot), discuss the best nutritional options for your child, and review the car-seat fitting if needed.

For the comfort of care in your home, consider chirochild in the home.