Assessments for Child & Baby Sleeping Difficulties | Melbourne

At chirochild, many families attend our centre for help with sleeping difficulties/problems. 

Some children sleep poorly due to pain, which may have been caused by birth trauma (eg. broken collarbones). 

Other children are not sleeping well, because they are overtired, or hungry, or have an allergy.

The overtired child

Some children have sleep/wake patterns that are not conducive to good sleep (eg. missing tired signs, misinterpretation of tired signs as pain signals).

To avoid the 'overtired' child, our advice is to ensure that, in the early days, keep these three things in mind:

1. The time of your baby's last feed

2. The quality/volume of that feed

3. The amount of sleep since the last feed

If these are assessed, it might make it easier to tell if your child is crying because they are overtired, hungry, or in pain.