Plagiocephaly Assessments for Children & Babies, Melbourne

Plagiocephaly, or misshapen/flat head, is another common condition in paediatrics.

Cause of plagiocephaly

In some children, the cause of plagiocephaly is a stiff neck. These children may benefit from gentle stretching to the neck region. The goal of therapy is to restore neck (or cervical) range of motion, so that these children can turn fully and freely.

In utero constraint may also cause flattening. It occurs when children may be too large for their mother's pelvis, or if there is not enough fluid around the baby, or if they are a multiple birth (eg. twin/triplet).

Uterine abnormalities (eg. fibroid) can also lead to increased pressure on the skull during development.

Families are often advised to reduce pressure on the flat part of the skull, by maximising awake tummy time (prone play), and stimulating looking to the side that is not-preferred.