Caring for Children since 2002

Welcome to ChiroChild!

We believe child health is fundamentally important. We exist to help families raise the happiest, healthiest children. So tap in to our wealth of knowledge in the field of childhood health. 

chirochild offers genuine 'child wellness consulting' on a comprehensive range of issues. Think of a baby/child question -any question - think of one right now! We may have the answer, or know someone who does.

For many children who attend out centre, their family simply requires advice or support on home-based care, or referral to other practitioners. Our practitioners are trained to make the experience as comfortable as possible for babies and children.

chirochild is one of a handful of child-focussed chiropractic centres in Australia. Our chiropractic doctor has studied post-graduate childhood chiropractic, and lectured to chiropractors, and chiropractic students, in Australia and New Zealand. 

chirochild was founded by Dr Paul Chamberlain, Chiropractor. He opened a new dedicated centre in Greensborough in July 2013. Dr Melissa Car, Family Chiropractor, joined the team in 2015 to care for parents, grandparents, and children. Dr Lauren Darby, Family Chiropractor, joined the team in December 2018, and like Melissa, cares for every member of the community.


Chiropractor for back pain

Chiropractors are trained to assess the spine to assist the reduction in back pain, headache and neck pain. 


chirochild in the home

We can assess and care for patients in the home. You can call or email chirochild and we will arrange for a fully qualified practitioner to come to your home. Too hard to get to the clinic? Twins? We can come to you. Read more -


Baby/childhood lifestyle assessments

Our chiropractors are qualified to assess components of babies and children's lifestyles. We assess their nutrition, sleeping routines, posture, screen time, and activity profiles. And we seek to inform and care for all our families, helping them raise happy, healthy, straight and strong babies and children.

For appointments and enquiries call 9435 8788 or:

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To inspire and advocate for the best health outcomes for babies and children, and to inform and motivate parents to make wonderful health choices for their children.


To develop, lead and provide the highest level of complementary care to all children. 

chirochild is an integrated body, and well connected with other childhood professionals (osteopaths, paediatricians, GPs, naturopaths, acupuncturists, breast feeding consultants, dietitians, psychologists, sleep consultants, etc)

image chiropractor assessing child